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Why ​AI-BasedSmart CCTV Monitoring?

In an era where safety and security are non-negotiable, traditional CCTV systems fall short, merely recording events without the ability to alert or act in real-time. Our AI-powered smart CCTV monitoring system transforms passive surveillance into an active guardian.

Reducing response times by up to 90%, thanks to instant notifications ensuring rapid intervention

Enhancing 24/7 surveillance capabilities without the drawbacks of human fatigue
Saving up to 70% in operational costs by reducing the need for extensive human monitoring teams

Smart CCTV Monitoring

An intelligent surveillance solution that utilizes AI to analyze live CCTV streams, instantly detecting and alerting authorities about hazards/security breaches via multiple communication channels, thereby minimizing response time.


Early Risk Detection

Detecting early signs of hazards such as smoke and fire

- Early stage smoke and fire identification

- Alarms and hazard lights activated to warn all those in immediate danger

- Digital alerts sent to the concerned authorities via email, SMS and push notifications

Intruder Detection

Securing high value properties by detecting trespassing people, animals and vehicles

- Object detection & tracking to detect trespassers

- ANPR technology to identify trespassing vehicles

Alarms & alerts activated for prompt response

Vehicle Monitoring

Monitoring vehicles by reading license plates through CCTVs, tracking their speed, location & time

- Deep learning AI & video analytics to track vehicle movement

- Warnings issued when structures or people are detected as obstructions

- Drivers directed to vacant spots maximizing parking
resource utilization

PPE/Safety Equipment Inspection

Ensuring safety apparel is worn correctly and safety norms, policies, and proper form are adhered to

- Object tracking to check for PPE/safety violations

- Pose estimation to detect if proper form is being used

Alarms and notifications if safety norms are broken

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