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Discover the Power of AI

About Us


Using the power of AI to simplify and streamline our day to day lives.


Create simple to use, low cost and inclusive products that help in creating excellent user experiences.

Our Philosophy

Global Focus

Develop products with a global focus. Build inclusive product for the masses

AI Centric

Enhance user experience through AI driven platforms. Embed a mass personalization philosophy

Singapore Headquartered

A global company headquartered out of a global city. Leverage strong IP protection & ease of doing business.

About Us


Data Analytics, Machine Learning

Historical Analysis

Trend Identification

Regression & Classification Models

Deep Learning

Artificial Neural Networks​

Large Scale Self-Learning Models

Computer Vision


The Team

Team of 10+ experienced data scientists & engineers

The Team


Founder & CEO

4+ years experience in data science, product management & software development

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Dhananjay (DJ)


30+ years of global leadership experience. Manufacturing & digitization expert. 

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Director Strategy

30+ years of global CEO level experience. Deep expertise in growth-oriented strategy development and go-to-market.

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Current Playbook



Current Playbook

Smart AI Vision Solution

A cutting-edge, fully integrated AI-driven defect detection system consisting of bespoke hardware (cameras and proximity sensors), software and advanced analytics. Ideal for optimising visually-inspected quality control. 


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